Saturday, November 7, 2009

How To Convert Car to Run on Water And Save On Gas

Although the trend is new the concept is not. Today the idea is being taken up by the car owners because of the rising fuel prices.

The water run cars are much cheaper than the other fuels. Today there is another trend which is followed by the car manufacturers; it is to build hybrid cars.

These hybrid cars are much more in demand than the new cars. People are getting attracted to this newer concept.

The best part is that you can convert car to run on water yourself. The process is so easy and simple that you will not need anybody’s help.

Water is a reliable source of energy which is widely available; it can also be called an alternative source of energy.

There are some reports which prove that people have already been successful in converting their car to run on water.

The user can extract brown gas which is also known as HHO from water. This gas is much more efficient in burning and hence also produces a lot more energy.

Convert car to run on water is a system which you can build with the equipments already available at your home. You just need the guidelines. The guidelines are a step by procedure to build the system.

To create the hybrid system you do not need to make any modifications in the engine of your car or even in the parts. You just need to add the system with the existing system.

This is why you can reverse back to the old system easily if this system does not suit you. For maintenance you need to spare 5 minutes per week.


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